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Welding with Jasic

Jasic is a global brand, manufacturer, developer and supplier of welding tools and integrated welding solutions in over 60 countries. Jasic has a reputation for reliable, durable, high quality machinery. 

Although relatively new to the welding industry, Jasic has established themselves as a worldwide brand, well known for their machinery. The easily recognisable bright colours of the machines mean they stand out in the light duty workshop, heavy duty fabrication shop, manufacturing industry and on site. 

Tec Products offer a range of Jasic products at great prices, we stock MIG welding machines, TIG welding Machines, MMA welding machines, Plasma cutters as well as accessories and trolleys

Our products include a range of Jasic three phase, single phase, multi-process, full package deals and pulse machines.

Jasic MIG Welding

Jasic MIG Welding Machines

At Tec Products we stock a range of MIG welding machines to suit your every requirement, we have machines with a range of input voltages, three phase or single phase machines, multi-process machines and full welding packages available. We offer lightweight, portable machines as well as machines which are ideal for heavy duty work. 

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Jasic TIG welding Machines

Our stock of Jasic TIG machines are ideal for all welders, from small hobbyist workshops through to large scale fabrication businesses. We stock a range of machines which can meet any requirement. We have three phase or single phase machines, multi-process, multi-voltage and generator friendly machines available.

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Jasic MMA Machines

Interested in our MMA ARC (stick welding) machines, click here to see our full range. At Tec Products we offer three MMA/stick specific machines including power arc MMA inverters. Thes high quality machines fit any budget and can be used by DIY hobbyists through to agricultural uses or fabrications or repair work. 

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Where are Jasic Welders Made?

Jasic welders are designed and manufactured in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They have recently invested 3.5 million pounds into cutting edge technology, labratories and research and development centres. They have over 60 patents and a 30,000 square metre research and development centre. The research and development team are made up of over 300 individuals with high levels of qualifications and each year they dedicate over 575,000 hours to create innovative machines each year. 



Are Jasic welders good quality?

Yes, we stock only the best Jasic Products, Jasic have a thorough quality control certification process, each product endures 10 categories of testing and 300 individual tests. These tests include EMC testing, Environmental and reliability tests, vibrations and drop testing along with simulation testing, safety tests and functional performance testing, white box limit testing, thermal testing and automatic testing on components and devices. As well as these tests each product goes through welding processing test, arc ignition and cutting experiments, welding material examination and finally high speed photography test during welding process. 

Jasic provide high quality, robust machines for a reasonable price. They are easy to use, some have synergic qualities, some have a fully manual set up and some have a mix of the two. On each product page we have included the official Jasic manual for the product and the datasheet which will give you all the key features of a product and the technical details.