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Welding with Fronius

Fronius is a global brand recognised for high quality, innovative welding equipment and supplies. Celebrating their 75th anniversary the Fronius brand began as a family business and has transformed and grown to be a part of the industrial welding supply scene. Fronius welding were one of the pioneering welding suppliers to focus on sustainability- especially solar energy. 

At Tec Products we supply a wide range of Fronius welding equipment, Fronius inverter machines, Fronius MIG machines, Fronius TIG machines and Fronius welding torches. 

The Fronius Transsteel range provides a solid multi-process machine for all price brackets, ideal for heavy duty industrial welding, metalwork fabrication, construction or structural work. Highly stable and reliable this machine is ideal as a robust welding partner.

The TPS/I range of Fronius Welders offer a portable and compact solution for repair work and maintenance tasks, the Fronius TPS/I all come fitted with Pulse processes as standard. Other functionality such as LSC, Standard and PMC are optional extras. This range of Fronius welders are modular and provide high flexibility to welders and ensure high quality weld finishes.

Fronius Welding Torches are robust and ergonomically shaped for all welders- they are reliable and have optimum weight distribution for efficient and perfect welding. Advanced technology in the full range ensure that all torches match the entire welding system, in the TIG range Multi-lock hosepacks offer the ergonomic design, a non-slip comfortable handle and 360 degree rotation which provides full flexibility. The hosepacks can be fitted with different torch bodies dependant on application. 

In the MMA category the Fronius Transpocket group offer a broad range of pwoer (150A to 480A), this range also offer numerous functions such as HotStart, SoftStart and Anti-stick functions ensure supported welding. This group of products offer high levels of flexibility with Power Factor Correction technology which means mains leads of up to 100m can be used. 

At Tec Products we supply a range of Fronius accessories including welding helmets, welding apparel and protective equipment. 

Fronius MIG Welding

We supply a wide range of Fronius MIG welding machines including the transsteel range and TPS/I welding machines, each range has different qualities dependant on your individual needs. MIG/MAG welding is the most popular process of welding, the Transsteel range machines are capable of all 3 welding processes, the TPS/I is a MIG/MAG system for all applications- this machines are easy to use and high weld seam quality. 

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Fronius TIG Welding Machines

Fronius TIG Welding Machines include Transsteel machines, iWave machines, TransTig machines, Accupocket TIG and Magiccleaner machines. These TIG machines are ideal for mobile operations, the robust design ensures long service life and intuitive operations. These TIG machines provide a perfect, stable arc with maximum efficiency. These TIG machines are efficient as they produce minimal spatter and have particularly high optical weld seam quality. 

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Fronius MMA ARC Welding Machines

Fronius MMA Arc welding machines include the Transsteel, Transpocket and Accupocket machine ranges. These can be used on nearly all metals and welding can be done outside or even underwater. These TIG machines are perfect for industrial welders but also workshop applications. The Transpocket machines are also incredibly portable and have indestructible housing. The Fronius Accupocket machines do not even require access to mains electricity.

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Fronius Welding Torches

Tec Products supply a range of torches including MIG/MAG, TIG torches and Electrode leads. In the MIG category we offer a range of water cooled and gas cooled options with a range of features such as up/down, JOBMASTER or standard, as well as a LED light. The TIG multilock hosepacks offer a flexible yet robust solution to TIG welding. 

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Fronius Welding Helmets

Fronius welding helmets provide complete protection and increase efficiency, automatic protective welding helmets relieve the welder from having to change settings while welding. Tec Products also supply a range of replacement parts such as front cover lens and helmet carry bags. 

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Fronius Welding Accessories

Our range of accessories ensure full protection, at Tec Products we stock welding hoods, jackets and other apparel which ensure full protection when welding. We offer a range of sizes in our jackets from small through to xxx Large and for our Fronius Boots size 7 to 12. 

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